The Beneficial Qualities of Caviar

Fresh caivar canapés with cucumber and cream


We all understand that caviar is the epitome of luxurious and superior dining but caviar is not just a high quality and nutritious food product. It also has numerous  that are good for your health and can be used in top of the range beauty products.

Caviar is packed with  and vitamins including Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and has a positive impact on health in the digestion, nervous, circulatory and immune systems. The recommended daily dose for Omega 3 is one gram; just one tablespoon of quality caviar will meet that recommended dose. More recent research suggests that the regular consumption of Omega 3 may also be beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and in cases of mental health disorders such as depression.

A serving of caviar also has the daily required amount of vitamin B12 which is important for the production of blood cells and the health of your brain and immune system. Caviar is also a great source of the vitamins A and E and the minerals calcium (for your bones), selenium (for fertility and cognitive function) and iron (for blood cell production and to prevent anaemia). Regularly including caviar in your diet can boost your immune system and give your body access to a whole range of helpful nutrients. Caviar is the perfect ingredient for your digestion and a healthy diet if you want to add vitamins and minerals in way that is both beneficial and delicious.

As well as the health benefits of eating caviar, this rich source of nourishment is also available in beauty products. Caviar contains a variety of antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radical cell damage. These antioxidants can be consumed when enjoying caviar or used in beauty products where they are particularly helpful for older skin. It has also been suggested that beauty creams that contain caviar can promote repair to skin through fatty acids, which trigger collagen production enhancing hormones.

Any cosmetic lotion that contains caviar will have a long term moisturising effect on dry or ageing skin. If you use a caviar-based beauty cream you will notice your skin develop a layer of healthy shine, which gives a youthful glow and enhances caviar's other health-giving effects. Many luxury spas opt to use beauty products with caviar extracts because they understand that these will give both the immediate and long-term benefits clients expect.

If you are buying caviar for health or beauty purposes it is important to ensure that you choose only the very best quality, farm reared products. All Attilus caviar comes from healthy sturgeon reared on a farm. We care for our fish meticulously, using the very latest technologies to control each step of the rearing process. Our highly qualified and experienced staff oversee every aspect of the rearing and extraction operations to ensure that we deliver you the very best caviar pearls with high levels of health benefitting vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

* - Please note that the information in this article is from a range of sources. Any customers with specific dietary requirements should consult a specialist before using caviar as a health or beauty product.

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