Attilus Caviar - Quality Assured

Committed to gold standards and quality

Our number one goal is maintaining the highest quality standards in producing our exclusive range of caviar. Our team adhere to strict quality controls when creating our unique products, and the following describes just how they do it.


Skilfully harvested

When a sturgeon is close to reaching peak maturity, our technicians perform an ultrasound scan to determine the optimum moment for extraction. Once we harvest the eggs, they are carefully cleaned ensuring there is no damage to our precious yield.


Carefully salted

Most of our caviar is processed using the traditional Malossol (meaning “lightly salted” or “little salt”) method preferred by connoisseurs. We use only very fine salt both to preserve it, and add to its flavour. If longer storage is required, Borax (E285) is added.


Perfectly hand-picked and packaged

Next we assess the caviar to ensure it makes the grade – the size of the grains, their firmness and taste. If it does, we then securely packaged it in traditional tins fresh for consumption.


Beautifully aged

The tins are stored at 26-35º F (or -3 to 2º C) for three weeks so that the black gold develops a rich, robust flavour before it is made available to customers.


Fully traceable

Atillus’s strongest quality commitment comes from the complete traceability of our products, following strict procedures on our fish farming techniques and caviar processing protocols, including food safety laws and a closely-monitored CITES programme. One look at the CITES label will tell you much about what you need to know about our caviar.

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