Which Champagne to Pair with Caviar?

Pairing Attilus Caviar with Champagne

Caviar and champagne have long been considered the quintessential match when one mentions gourmet pairings.

When enjoying caviar with champagne, it is considered proper to match a dry champagne like a brut or extra-sec with your caviar. The dryness of champagne relates to its sugar content; French brut has a sugar content between 0.5% to 1.5%, while extra-sec has a sugar content between 1% to 2%. Compare this to a demi-sec or a doux, both of which contain more than 5% sugar, and you'll quickly appreciate the difference.

The champagne paired most frequently with caviar by fine dining establishments is Dom Pérignon, the house of Moët et Chandon’s most prestigious champagne. Vintages are a matter of personal choice, but 1990 is perfect to accompany a quality Oscietra or Siberian caviar. Taittinger is another popular choice, and so is vintage Krug.

In the end, personal preference usually dictates the choice you make, but whatever you do choose, great caviar and great champagne go hand-in-hand in celebrating special occasions.


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